Ceramic Coated Intake Manifolds

Ceramic Coated Intake Manifolds


Ceramic coating of intake manifolds offers a variety of performance and appearance advantages. The thermal barrier characteristics of ceramic coatings acts as an insulation from the heat found on the intake underside from the valve train valley and the high temps found in most under hood environments. Since the head to intake mating surface is coated on the intake manifold itself, the reduction in heat transfer found from the heads is reduced.

These coating also protect the appearance by reducing corrosion and make cleaning much easier. Rusted surfaces are abrasive blasted and coated, give the manifold a superior look and greatly reduces further deterioration. Aluminum manifolds are protested from corrosion from the harsh environments found in day to day operation.

Cast Iron Intake Manifold Before The Preparation Process





Intake Manifold Abrasive Blasted And Prepped For Ceramic Coating





Silver Ceramic Coated Intake Manifold