HDR Industries: 8-1 Jet Boat Stainless Headers

Dana Harp @HDR Industries has had an exceptionally busy summer building some incredible custom headers. Not only is this one of the gnarliest 8-1 headers we've seen yet, it's also one of the first we've seen used in a performance boating application. We fit him up with flanges and materials, along with that beautiful 8-1 collector. He took it from there and built this Big Block with 2 1/4" primaries, collecting to a 4 1/2" tip over the transom. The primary tubes were also ran in sequence to match the BBC firing order into the collector. Check out more from Dana at his page on our customer gallery, and on Instagram.
Need an 8-1 of your own? Check our some more info on our page here: Custom 8-1 Merge Collectors

Check out this clip from HDR Industries' TikTok: