Custom Airboat Headers


Performance Equal Length 4-1 Airboat Headers

Looking for high performance airboat headers, made with American made materials, and hand-crafted here in the USA? Look no further. With over 20 different engine options, over 48 different off-the-shelf headers available, Stainless Headers Mfg. Inc. has what you're looking for. We supply at least two different styles of headers for every engine we carry, including: 4 & 6 cyl. aircraft engines, small block V8's, big block V8's, and even 3rd gen hemis.

Our performance headers and exhaust systems are all 100% American made, hand-crafted systems designed for maximizing performance while minimizing cost and lead times. With many of these options currently on the shelf, we can provide you with performance unleashing capabilities in only a few days.

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