Header Welding Services

Header Welding Services

We have the pleasure of offering header build kits, custom exhaust components, and unique mandrel bent assemblies in a variety of materials to a huge variety of customers, including custom fabrication shops, race teams, and the weekend warriors restoring a hot rod in their garage. This spread of customer base means everyone has different needs and equipment available to them, so while we are providing the most inclusive header build kit on the market, it still leaves a huge aspect of a custom header build up to the customer: TIG welding.

Now- we are offering our own services for our customers who custom build their headers, but dont have the equipment or skill necessary to complete the welding process. With a simple phone call, we can take your fabricated headers, and return to you a fully welded and finished assembly to complete your project. This welding service not only fills a void in our existing services, it also allows a greater number of our customers to tackle their own custom headers, without having to be intimidated by the welding process.

Don't let the stainless welding process keep your from having your own custom stainless headers, we will solve that problem for you before it even starts! With complete purge-TIG welding practices, our stainless welds will be the cherry on top of your custOm header fabrication. We also offer services for mild steel headers, aluminum exhaust, aluminum intake components, and even exotic materials such as Inconel and Titanium. Now you finally have the opportunity to create your own custom assemblies, without needing to worry about the weld processes! Let our team handle it from there.

With our always-open capacity, we can offer quick turn times on all header welding services, meaning you don't have to wait in line at your local job shop for 3 months to receive your headers.

We can also offer various finishes to every system we weld, from a brushed finish, to mirror polish, as well as in-house ceramic coating. All with complete capacity and quick-turn time availability.

We can weld nearly anything you need, from headers and custom x-pipes, to turbo charge pipes and even intercooler tanks. Give our team a call today and see how we can be your solution to your very own custom headers!


Check out the link to more header welding service images here at our Header Welding Service Gallery


The Process

The process is very straightforward, and ensures an answer for your welding needs, every time.

Using our supplied Header Welding Return Box + Prepaid Shipping label, package your headers (or other assemblies needing to be welded!) into the box with the supplied tape and packaging materials. Ensure your collectors and flanges are tack-welded together, and all weld joints are rigid and strong enough to survive shipping.

Once your headers are packaged tightly into the supplied Return Box, simply stick on the return shipping label, and drop off at your nearest UPS location or UPS Drop-Off Point.

Not only is this set-up process quick and easy, its cheap. Rather than going to your local packaging store and paying high packaging and shipping fees, we supply you with the box and label for a flat rate of $75, anywhere in the contiguous United States. Everything arrives to us insured and ready for welding.

After our welding process is complete, we recycle your original Return Box, and send your headers back ready for installation.

The Lead Time

Because we are in control of getting your headers shipped to us quickly and safely, we can accurately schedule every header weld job in our shop. From start finish, this is a no-hassle, no-worry, time saving solution to your welding needs.

5-Day Turn Around

This is our standard lead time, which doesn't have any additional fees or costs, and we guarantee your headers will be in a shipping box returning to you in 5 days or less from their arrival at our shop.

3-Day Turn Around

This is our first expedited option, which can also be paired with additional expedited shipping options. We guarantee that any header welding job with the 3-Day option will be shipped back to you within 3 days of arrival to our facility. This has a standard expedite cost of $150.00, plus the costs of any expedited shipping.

Next-Day Service

This is our fastest and most immediate service time. We guarantee any header welding job shipped to us will shipped back to you the very next day. Don't miss a race or car show ever again due to broken welders or delayed job-shops. When coupled with expedited shipping services, you can have your headers back in hand in as little as 3 days! (Headers shipped Overnight to us, done the following day, shipped overnight back to you)

This Next-Day service does incur an additional $400 expedite fee, plus the costs of any expedited shipping.