Private Label Manufacturing Services

 Private Label Manufacting- Stainless Headers

Feeling overwhelmed or falling behind on orders? Do you produce items or assemblies you just hate making? Let us be your solution to tubular success.

Here at Stainless Headers Mfg., we are a complete solution for all of your performance exhaust and tubular manufacturing needs. With custom components and assemblies to fit your build, we can supply a solution to all of your needs. Not only are we able to provide custom components from a wide array of material options, we also offer complete private label and white label manufacturing services. As a private label manufacturer, we are able to efficiently and repeatedly supply customers big and small with the products and assemblies they need.

Complete from Concept-to-Creation

We work individually with all of our customers to complete feasibility reports, rapid prototyping models, short run production, and full-scale production operations. We can supply most systems and assemblies in a variety of materials and maintain tight build tolerances.

Industries Served

Not only are we a top manufacturer in the performance automotive industry, we also work frequently with companies to prototype and manufacture tubular assemblies and custom exhaust manifolds for the following industries:

  • Industrial: Gen-Set applications, providing unique and durable manifolds for zero-emissions gen-set exhaust systems.
  • Agricultural:- Many agricultural applications require corrosion-resistant and durable production items, including exhaust, fertilizer tubes, and grain sorters
  • Marine: We have been building water-jacketed marine headers and custom airboat headers for one-off production items, or full private labeling for nearly 15 years. We can build anything required for a custom marine exhaust system.
  • Sanitary: For many sanitary industries from food & beverage, to dairy and brewing, we have trained stainless welders on staff who are able to meet strict build tolerances. Chat with our team to see how we can help you out.
  • Architectural: We have provided custom and production run architectural services for a number of applications, including hand-railings, and grab bars.
  • Many, many more.

Whether you need 10 parts or 1000 parts, we have the staff, knowledge, and ability on hand to get you the production solutions your company needs.

Private Label Exhaust- Custom Merge Collectors
Private Label Exhaust- Custom Y-Pipe Assemblies
Private Label Exhaust- Industrial GenSet Manifolds
Private Label Exhaust- Stainless Cone Assemblies
Private Label Manufacturing- Industrial Flow Assembly