Straight Oval Tubing

Stainless Steel Oval Tubing- Perfect for any racing application where ground clearance is tight. The road surface is flat, your undercar is flat, why not make your exhaust flat to fit more airflow in a shorter area? Check out our oval exhaust tubing today. With Tubing sizes ranging from 3" round equivalent up to 5" round equivalent, we have oval systems and components for every application. With custom mufflers, flanges, mandrel bends and pie cut kits available, there is no application that wouldn't benefit from a custom oval exhaust system.

Oval Mandrel Bends

Our oval bends are made out of true American made 304 Stainless Steel, with a .065" wall thickness. These oval bends are ideal for under car exhaust systems with a low ground clearance, or going through a frame.

Oval to Round Transitions

Our oval to round transitions are made from an American made .065 304 stainless. They are a great solution for transitioning from a round exhaust tube to and oval tube. These are typically used in a butt weld application. Because it is manufactured to an ASTM 269 spec and is a genuine 304, it can be polished to a mirror finish and welds beautifully.

Oval Twists

Our oval exhaust twists are available in all the same sizes as our oval tubing, and allow for a transition from horizontal oval to vertical oval. These pieces are ideal for clearing frame rails and axles in low-riding vehicles.

Oval Pie Cut Kits

These oval pie cut kits are perfect for any low-riding race application, or street car looking for that extra touch of class. Easily navigate complex corners, route through driveshaft tunnels, and even loop over axles with the American Made 304 Stainless Steel oval pie cut kits. Available in 45, 90, and 180 degree combinations, these kits also come in the standard horizontal and "hard-way" vertical configurations. With oval pie cut kits available in 3" all the way up to 5", these will transform your custom stainless exhaust build.

Oval Slip Joints

Custom high temp, low profile, stainless steel oval exhaust slip joints.

Perfect for a low profile attachment and assembly point in any exhaust system. They fit great in driveshaft tunnels, frame rails, and rocker passages for slick and effective oval exhaust performance.

Oval Flanges

Precision Laser Cut, Custom American Made Stainless Steel Oval Flanges. A quick and easy solution to all oval interconnects in your oval exhaust system. With flanges specifically made to fit our custom oval tubing, these flanges are 3/8" thick, and will take the heat from any performance oval system. Maintaining a low profile allows these flanges to be the perfect solution for your low ground clearance applications, while still allowing a quick disconnect in the system.

Custom Stainless Oval Mufflers

Custom bullet-style and low-profile mufflers, hand-crafted from American Made 304 Stainless Steel. Durable, efficient, and American made; these custom oval mufflers are perfect for any application. From street rods and restorations to high end dragsters and show cars, these oval mufflers are perfect for any build.