Customer Gallery » SCCA Pro Racing Corvette

The above photos are of a custom made set of headers for a SCCA Pro Racing Corvette. Fabricated using the customers supplied Earnhardt-Childress Racing specifications, they are a Tri Y design that incorporated a crossover. The customer supplied the Chevy SB2 block and headers along with a chassis mockup. This made it possible to construct the system without having the car at our location and still acheive a perfect fit the first time. Made from 304 stainless and purge tig welded, this set of headers incorporates mulitple slip joints and V band flanges for ease of installation and stress reduction.

The above photos show the intricate fit between the headers and the chassis members. Maintaining equal length and appropriate tube sizes were a primary customer concern.

In the right hand picture, notice the large crossover balance tube and the extruded transition hole where the crossover is married up to it. The extra time required to utilize this fabrication technique pays off by giving a significant increase in tube strength. The stress induced at this location is more equally distributed throughout the weld joint. The structural integrity gain at this point is done without any increase of weight.