Customer Gallery » Johnny's Fabworx- 1967 Chevelle Headers

Johnny Groff of Johnnys FabWorx in Mount Joy, PA put together this beautiful set of small block Chevy headers in this 1967 Chevelle. he ran 1 3/4" stubs and immediately stepped up to 1 7/8" primaries, and completed that with a 3 1/2" formed collector. To add that extra edge of performance, Johnny also incorporated some of our performance collector spikes- the next best alternative when a true slip-on merge collector cant be utilized.

The Chevelle touts a 383 stroker and makes about 650hp, pushing ETs to the low 10's in the 1/4 mile, at over 130 mph.

Full stainless kits like this are a great way to build a custom long tube header, and maintain both performance and aesthetics. Check out the welds on this system, with a full back purge, only American made tubing will be that clean.

Johnny had this to say once the project was done:

"So obviously once I saw this super nice mug that you guys make I knew I had to have one! They really turned out great and I can't thank you enough for the high quality materials! They were 100% purge welded and everything went very smoothly using your products!"

Check out those mugs he talked about here: Stainless Bullet Mugs

We send these out for free, along with a t-shirt, to every customer who documents their header build and sends us back the pictures and a quick bio of the build. Gives a great reason to show off your build and brag to the racing community!

Here is a link to some more information on our small block Chevy header build kits as well

Check out what else Johnny has going on at his Facebook Page: Johnnys FabWorx