Customer Gallery » HDR Industries- 'Fuelish Pleasure'

Whats better than a badass boat header? Two. Two badass boat headers. That's what Dana @HDR Industries has once again brought to the table. This time, we've got a 454 Big Block Chevy, topped off with a TBS blower, pushing over 900hp on the dyno. We decided to upgrade tube sizes here and worked out the build with 2 3/8" primaries, coming through a pair of 4 1/2" merge, to 5" transitional exit merge collectors, and then terminating in some reverse cones for that final exhaust tune. With the custom collectors and materials we offer, these headers turned out beautifully.

This boat is build for & owned by Father & Son duo Jerry + Josh Casper, who've apparently owned the boat since the early 1980's! Couple that ownership story with the 3 or 4 times it's sank, and the blower that's been strapped atop it for the last 40 years, makes this a damn special ride.

After the build, Dana had the headers sent out Deter's Custom Finishing for that beautiful polishing job.

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