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Mike Finnegan of Finnegan's Garage came to us for a special project on his twin-turbo jet boat "Game Over". The previous downpipes and wastegate dumps weren't the look he wanted, but also weren't giving correct readings on his O2 sensors due to turbulent airflow, which was making tuning difficult. So, he drew up a quick sketch of a new exhaust tip he had in mind and came to us for an answer.

What started as a simple pencil on paper drawing quickly turned into some initial CAD models, and eventually, and final CAD rendering for Mike's approval.

Shortly after, we brought together a custom tip that not only met design- but exceeded it. With a custom rolled edge, perforated liner, and a brushed stainless finish, the tip came out great, and sounds even better at the end of that jet boat.

We hand-fabricate custom projects to spec & design every single day for our customers, and this was certainly no exception. We operate in one-off parts such as Game Over's tip, but we also run batch parts, such as custom merge collectors for turbo snowmobiles, large scale muffler production for Ferrari and Porsche, and much more.

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