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We helped Michael and his son Brandon design and build these custom Titanium Zoomie headers for his super-powered 526cid Veney Hemi. Running a solid TFX Aluminum block, Veney Hemi heads, and a roots-style hi-helix supercharger, there is no shortage of horsepower. They run methanol through a mechanical injection system, and though it has yet to be dyno-tested, they say there is no shortage of power.The bigger problem is getting (and keeping) traction. We custom-bent the primary tubes from .049" CP2 Titanium, and configured a complete package with O2 sensor bungs, EGT sensor bungs, and doublers for the tips. We were able to shave the header weight by nearly 18lbs (only 22 lbs for both headers!) Not only are these much lighter, they are incredibly strong. After a launch mishap, the car landed on the headers, and ground them down to <.015" thick, yet kept running all weekend. We put some new plates on the tubes and it's been a success story ever since.