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Stainless Headers Mfg., Inc. is a major supplier to fabrication shops as well as individuals who build their own headers. Even though Stainless Headers Mfg., Inc. is the premier builder of custom headers, a large part of our business is selling components to builders themselves. We thought we would pass along some of our header building experience to our customers. On this page you will find a custom header fabrication video series that we hope you will find helpful. Along with this video series, you will find a long list of custom header building resources, such as header design programs and articles, welding links, fabrication equipment and supplies and links to general shop equipment suppliers that we use. We hope you find this custom header fabrication information helpful.

Check out our header calculations page for general rules of thumb, and some basic equations for figuring out some starting points on header sizing, collector sizing, turbo charger selection, and more.


Header Fabrication Resources

Stainless Headers in the Media

Richard Holdener 8-1 Header Discussion- YouTube LIVE



Check out some more information on that custom tip we did up for #GameOver for Finnegan’s Garage. Great looking, and better sounding replacement for those old teardrop tips. We are proud to supply Mike with stainless header materials on a great many of his builds, and all USA made products.

Custom tips like this are always special for our team, it’s a great way to pull of the leashes and let out some creative freedoms. This tip was inspired by some previously built Lamborghini & Ferrari tips, as well as the Pagani Zonda. Those prolific exhausts combined with the wonderfully crazy ideas in Mike’s head led to this beautiful piece.

Check out some more of our custom work + a variety of standard components at:

Or, give us a call at 1-800-290-3920

See what Mike has going on @FinnegansGarage on YouTube, and look for his merchandise:

Or check out his Instagram @finnegan999


'Sweet & Sour'--Miller and Sons' 1981 Trans Am

Check out this article by 'The Block' featuring a hugely custom 1981 Pontiac Trans Am by Miller and Sons' Collision in New York. We sponsored a beautiful oval exhaust system in their build, which showcased at SEMA 2021. Check out the link to this article here: