Header Flanges

Stainless Header Mfg., Inc. offers the finest in CNC laser cut header flanges. While most header flanges are made from 1/4" or 5/16" material, our flanges are precision CNC laser cut header flanges are cut from from 3/8" material. We offer our flanges in 304 stainless steel or 1018 cold rolled steel. The heavier material we use to fabricate our flanges greatly reduce the warping problems seen in other lighter flanges. These header flanges are U.S. made.

Header Flange Kits

Stainless Headers Mfg. header flange kits come with the stubs formed and welded in to make custom header fabrication easier.  Each flange has a 2" long stub welded on the mating surface and stitch welded on the exterior for bolt clearance. The flange is then surfaced for a superior gasket seal. Made from an American made 304 stainless or mild steel, and purge tig welded, these flanges with stubs will get your header project off to a great start.

Mandrel Bends

Our mandrel bends are available in mild steel, 304 stainless steel and 321 stainless steel. We maintain large inventory of mandrel bends that are most common in the racing industry.
The American made tubing we use ensures that each mandrel bend retains its shape and diameter throughout its entire bend. For performance purposes, this is an essential component in keeping the exhaust velocity and flow to optimum levels. Standard bends restrict exhaust flow by a reduction in the tube diameter in the bent areas.

Merge Collectors

Our custom merge collectors are hand made to your exacting specifications. The turbo merge collectors are available with double slip joints. Engineered to obtain the high flow and velocity only available in a true merge collector, these units are available in mild steel, 304 stainless steel and 321 stainless steel. Every unit is purge tig welded  and incorporates a transition spike that is  internally blended, making the transition from the primary tube to the collector as smooth as possible. This smooth transition maintains exhaust velocity, improving volumetric efficiency.

Formed Collectors

Our weld-on, formed collectors are hand-crafted from 304 stainless steel or a low-carbon mild steel, and manufactured from 100% American made materials. The primaries are formed for ease of fitting. They have an overall length of 10". With such long lengths of straight, these collectors are easily trimmed by a fabricator to fit your vehicle needs. Don't forget to ask about collector stars or spikes to help in the fabrication process.

Straight Tubing

Why is Stainless Headers Mfg. Inc. your best source for stainless header tubing? Our straight length stainless tubing is domestically made. In the picture above, notice how the domestically made tubing on the left retained its integrity throughout the forming process.

Collector Reducers

Manufactured from American made materials, these Header Collector Reducers are a smooth way to connect your collectors to the rest of the exhaust system. With 3-bolt flanges made from 3/8" thick material, and crafted in 304 Stainless Steel or a mild steel, we fabricate collector reducers for any application. 

Turbo Elbows

Hand crafted from the finest American Made 304 Stainless Steel, these turbo elbows are available in a wide variety of combinations. The elbows are all made with a tight-radius 90 degree bend to fir those tight-quartered turbo builds. All configurations are available in T25, T3, T4, or T6/T00 flange adaptations. With adjustable inlet leg lengths, flange positioning, and addition of v-bands, these elbows are a must-have for any turbocharged application.

Transition Reducers

Our transitions, reducers, and couplers are manufactured from an American made 304 stainless steel, and mild steel. Expanded up to a variety of sizes. Transition reducers are available in a 30 degree taper. Custom configurations available.

Slip-On Reducers

Our transitions, reducers, and couplers are manufactured from an American made 304 stainless steel, and mild steel. Expanded up to a variety of sizes. Custom configurations available.

Stainless Steel Slip Joints

Made from our American made tubing, and available in  304 Stainless Steel or even 321 Stainless Steel, our single and double slip joints are the smoothest and most painless way to create a slip fit union in your exhaust system. With sizes ranging from 1 1/2" OD up to 5" OD, we have slip joints for every application.

Header Accessories

We carry all the components and accessories to finalize your custom header build project. Whether you need stars or merge spikes for your formed collectors, extra locking tab sets on your performance merge collectors, that extra 1/4 lb of Tig Filler rod, or even various sizes and types of exhaust bungs; O2, 1/8" NPT EGT Bungs, and even RacePak style EGT bungs. With true American quality throughout our materials, finish off your custom headers with a touch of patriotism.

Header Collector Mufflers

Commonly used in under car systems, these lightweight bullet mufflers are also a great addition to any merge collector, and since they are custom built in house, they can be made to any size or length.

Custom Stainless Performance Megaphones

American made, performance stainless steel megaphones, custom built to order. The ultimate solution for tuning your exhaust system, and putting that final appearance on your exhaust.

Bullhorn Tips and Accessories

Custom built, hand-crafted bullhorn tips, tip outs, covers, slash-cuts, bologna cuts, and teardop tips for every application. Available as small as 1 3/4" for those wastegate tubes, all the way up through 6" diameter for the nitrous and blower set ups. Built from American made stainless steel, and available in a wide variety of vbands, trim rings, and slip fit designs.