Bolt On Modular Turbo Headers

With over 50 different engine configurations designed and ready for installation, Stainless Headers Mfg is the largest stock source for bolt on turbo headers of premium American made stainless steel.

We offer complete bolt on systems for many applications, and full post-sale support and service to help you accomplish your header build, without you ever striking an arc.

After you have your manifolds installed, check out options for infinite combinations of v-band and turbo flange elbows. We also offer premium BorgWarner turbochargers to complete your full turbo header build.  Learn more about our custom turbo headers >

Turbo Header Elbows and Custom Components

Already have one of our bolt on turbo headers and need to finish it off? Need custom v-band elbows for a downpipe? Happen to need a new bullhorn elbow made?

Look no further than our turbo header elbows and components. We keep over 25 different elbow configurations in stock, with full capabilities of creating custom components to fit your needs. We have elbows available in many different degree configurations, v-band setups, and even turbo flange designs.

Not seeing what you're looking for? Give one of our turbo specialists a call and we can walk you through the custom elbow and component process. Learn more about our custom turbo headers >

Custom Turbo Downpipes and Mockup Kits

Nothing is more frustrating than having your turbochargers finally mounted in seemingly the best place, and all of a sudden you ran out of room for the downpipe. For those of us that don't want to cut holes in our hood for a turbo exit, or wish to use a muffler downstream, this is a daunting task. Thankfully,  Stainless Headers has the solution.

With our unique and accurate turbo downpipe mockup kit, we can custom make any downpipe you design. With capabilities to incorporate vbands or elbows in any direction, the only restriction is your imagination.

Bring us your downpipe challenge, and let us custom build you the solution.  Learn more about our custom turbo headers >