Performance Turbochargers

Find the perfect BorgWarner or Turbonetics turbo for your application. Whether you need single or dual setups, twin-scroll or open housings, we have the turbocharger and accessories to complete your turbo build. Looking for exhaust too? Check out our turbo header build kits for a kit to build your own set of turbo headers, including all the components necessary for a brand new build.

Performance WasteGates

Full selection of premium TiAl and Turbosmart wastegates. We supply the 38mm MV-S, 44mm MV-R, and 60mm V60 wastegates in complete TiAl workups. As well as the Ultragate, Hypergate, Compgate, and Powergate models of Turbosmart Wastegates.

Performance Blow Off Valves

Full selection of premium import TiAL Sport & Turbosmart Blow Off Valve assemblies. Available in a 50mm assembly with assorted color options.

Racing & Performance Intercoolers

Sleek and stylish, this line of universal front-mount intercooler will provide the perfect cooling capacity needed for smaller turbo applications. All Mishimoto intercoolers are constructed of 6061 aluminum and are TIG welded to perfection.

Complete Turbo Kits

Complete hot side turbo kits, complete with USA made custom turbo manifolds, premium BorgWarner turbos, performance TiAL Sport wastegates, custom downpipe materials, and hand-crafted turbo elbows; conveniently gathered in an affordable, high-performance kit.

Forced Induction Parts & Accessories

Downpipe flanges, downpipe clamps, spare wastegate springs and parts, BOV springs and parts, Intercooler cores, and more.

Custom Turbo Manifold Build Kit

Our modular turbo headers are now in your hands. Want the benefits of heavy wall tubing, but don't want something off the shelf, or want to guarantee your own fitment? These are the kits for you. With even more engine options and faster availability, we have kits and components on the shelf for your very own log-style turbo headers. Maintain your tight engine bays, and maximize heat + boost pressures without worry, as all of our materials are 100% American Made. Check out our stainless turbo log header kits for more information.